Lizzie Marinko - Digital Artist

Lizzie is a digital artist creating artworks made up of thousands of individually drawn vector shapes, using a digital pen and tablet on her computer. Each drawing is a play on both light and colour in the natural environment, a note to both impressionism and photography, and a celebration of our unique Australian landscape. Her use of only straight lines creates a contemporary design language befitting the digital medium she works within. Each drawing takes an average 40-60 hours to complete.


All artworks maybe ordered to size and a print medium may be chosen as well. They each form a limited edition print run, unless they are a privately commissioned piece in which case they are only printed once. The larger scale artworks (100cm and up) have the most visual impact on a wall and best exemplify the abstract nature of the drawing technique.  The drawings are created in vector-based software and can therefore be reproduced/printed at a very large scale while still maintaining a very high resolution. Wallpaper for feature walls is another potential application for these artworks. Print mediums can include paper, canvas, wood and acrylic.


Lizzie initially studied and worked as a Landscape Architect, working across the country on both large-scale and small-scale design projects before entering the digital world of 3d modelling and texturing for film and set design in Sydney. Her more recent passion for digital drawing encapsulates both her love of the natural environment, especially water, and the use of digital softwares to express this.